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Our team of attorneys is committed to providing the best possible legal defense to clients facing serious criminal and tax issues.

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We are a law firm focused on tax controversy, white collar criminal defense, and estate planning.

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We are a Little Rock law firm that focuses exclusively on criminal defense and tax cases. Our attorneys are committed to providing honest legal counsel to clients facing difficult circumstances. We invite you to browse our website or request a consultation to learn more about how we can help you.

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Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

When you’re facing a serious criminal charge, allegation, indictment or investigation in Arkansas state or federal court, you need a serious and dedicated advocate on your side.

IRS Tax Issues

Resolving IRS tax issues, including audits, tax debt settlement, unfiled returns, liens, levies, tax preparer penalties, IRS Revenue Officer cases, payroll tax issues, innocent spouse relief, and IRS appeals.

Tax Litigation

We are experienced in civil tax litigation and appear regularly before the United States Tax Court. We also litigate tax cases in U.S. District Courts and various state courts.

State Tax Resolution

Resolving Arkansas tax issues with the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (the "DFA"), including audits, tax debt settlements, collections, tax litigation in Arkansas courts, and criminal investigations by the DFA.

Criminal Tax & Fraud

Legal representation for tax-related criminal issues, including IRS criminal investigations, state tax criminal investigations, and criminal tax defense (including tax evasion charges).


Helping you resolve U.S. tax issues related to offshore assets, including compliance with FBAR and other information filings, voluntary disclosures, and penalties for non-compliance.

More Than a Law Firm

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Attorney & CPA

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Client Testimonials

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"My husband and I owed over $400,000 to the IRS. My husband’s small business got behind on taxes during the great recession. I was recommended to call DeWitt Law and I’m so glad I did! Our tax liability was reduced by over 85% and we were able to gain a clean slate."

C. Smith

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"When I received a letter from the IRS saying I owed over $5 million dollars in taxes, I went catatonic for several days. I simply could not handle the weight of the issues I was facing. The team at DeWitt Law stepped in and managed to get the IRS to reverse the assessment in full!"

Evan B.

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"We hired DeWitt Law because they had the most professional and honest presentation when interviewing firms to help with our tax problem. We hit a number of road blocks along the way with the IRS but DeWitt Law did not give up on our case."

Mike A.