Tax Planning

Our team at DeWitt Law understands that the best strategy to avoid tax problems is to educate taxpayers and plan for the future. We are proud to offer tax planning and advice for individuals, start-ups, businesses and nonprofits who want to ensure they are compliant with the ever-changing U.S. tax code.

Led by Tyler DeWitt, a licensed attorney and certified public accountant (CPA), our professionals understand the complexity of our tax code and will work with you to develop a plan that maximizes deductions while minimizing taxable events.

You will also have access to an attorney when tax questions arise and a team of support staff to guide you through the tedious process of tax compliance.


Most taxpayers dread the April and October tax deadlines, usually because they know they are facing a tax liability. Let our team help you maximize your deductions and make strategic tax-related decisions to turn April 15th into a slightly less dreadful day.


We understand the issues new businesses face and can plan for the future by advising start-ups on tax and legal-related issues. This usually starts with selecting the right business entity. Our team takes a unique approach to problem-solving and analyzes both the tax/legal consequences as well as the practical business consequences of a potential decision.


Businesses are subject to what may be the most complex tax code in the world. There are deductions, safe harbors, depreciation schedules, and countless forms that must be taken into consideration. Our team of tax attorneys and CPAs has the knowledge and experience to help businesses navigate through the complexity and plan for the future.


The section of the Internal Revenue Code addressing non-profit taxpayers is among the shortest in the whole tax code. However, much of this section states how an entity can lose its tax-exempt status. Our team is experienced with identifying and planning ahead for potential tax issues facing non-profits.