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DeWitt Firm: tax settlements in Nashville, Tennessee.If you live in or near a big city like Nashville, you have probably heard one of those “1-800” tax resolution companies promise “pennies on the dollar” tax settlements with the IRS. This is a legitimate program authorized by I.R.C. § 7122 and commonly referred to as an Offer in Compromise.

These settlement opportunities are typically based on a taxpayer’s inability to fully pay the tax liability owed. The taxpayer’s income, expenses, assets, and liabilities are calculated using an IRS-defined formula, which determines whether a taxpayer qualifies for a settlement. The IRS generally accepts less than 50% of all submitted offers. This emphasizes the need to consult an experienced Nashville tax attorney. We have saved taxpayers in Nashville and beyond millions of dollars through tax settlements and stand ready to help you.

You will also have access to an attorney in Nashville when tax questions arise and a team of support staff to guide you through the tedious process of tax compliance. We are proud to be a member of the Nashville community, and we look forward to working with you!

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    What our clients say about DeWitt Law:

    Thanks to Tyler and everyone we worked with, we are once again FREE to live our lives without the burden of the IRS looming like an executioner over our heads!

    — Jeff D.

    Tyler Dewitt is the best at not only winning a case, but guiding you through the process. His confident approach to representing you with the IRS made many nights restful and not sleepless. Thanks again Tyler for the representation.

    — Billy W.

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