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If you have been arrested or are wanted for questioning related to a criminal offense of any kind, you probably have a lot of questions. Our Little Rock criminal defense attorneys can offer the insight you need. Whether you are the target of an investigation, have been criminally charged with a misdemeanor or felony, or are concerned you may be charged, you need to be confident that you are being both proactive and aggressive in your efforts to protect your legal rights. When you’re facing a serious criminal charge, allegation, indictment or investigation in Arkansas state or federal court, you need a serious and dedicated advocate on your side. Your future is what’s at stake, and we take that responsibility to heart.

As a criminal attorney in both Federal and Arkansas State Court, Clinton DeWitt recognizes what is at stake for each and every client.  Beyond even the potential for incarceration and a permanent criminal record, he understands the possible consequences that a criminal allegation or investigation can cause in an individual’s life.  With that in mind, Clinton implements strategies throughout the process aimed at protecting your livelihood, career and future. From white collar crime to homicide, we uncover all available defense options and build a strategy that focuses on winning. Working as a team, DeWitt Law uses every resource to minimize the damage and promote a favorable result.

Whether you are potentially facing an arrest, trial or investigation involving the United States Attorney’s Office, District Attorney’s Office,  FBI, IRS, DEA, Attorney General’s Office or Police Department, you need to take steps to protect yourself.  The first step is to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help formulate the best and most aggressive defense to resolve your case with a positive outcome.

Case Results

We are committed to delivering results for our clients. We invite you to review a sample of recent representative criminal matters we have resolved for our clients. All cases are different and the summaries below should not be interpreted as a prediction or guaranty of success or specific results.

Parolee Found Not Guilty of Terroristic Threatening Charge
Represented client charged with terroristic threatening. Client had moved to Arkansas after being released on parole for a separate felony conviction in California. Client found NOT GUILTY at trial.

Probation-Only Sentence for Felony Federal Tax Fraud Charges
Represented accountant facing allegations of fraudulently preparing tax returns causing a tax loss of $2,329,255 to the government. Negotiated a plea agreement reducing the tax loss to $37,125. After arguing for a downward departure from federal sentencing guidelines, the Court imposed a sentence of probation with no jail time.

Felony Commercial Burglary and Theft of Property Charges Dismissed Under Act 346
Represented client charged with felony commercial burglary and theft of property. Negotiated plea agreement under Act 346, allowing for dismissal of charges after two years of probation. Charges DISMISSED.

Dismissal of Felony Sentence Enhancements for Habitual Felony Offender
Represented habitual felony offender charged with Breaking or Entering and Theft of Property. Negotiated plea agreement resulting in dismissal of the habitual felony offender sentence enhancements. Client was released on time served.

Client Found Not Guilty of Battery Charges
Represented client charged with battery. Client found NOT GUILTY at trial.

Client Found Not Guilty of Criminal Environmental Hazard Charges
Represented veteran homeowner facing criminal environmental hazard charges. Client found NOT GUILTY at trial.

Represented Arkansas Physician Accused of Wrongful Death
Represented Arkansas Physician found NOT GUILTY at trial.

Dismissal of Battery charges for client
Represented client charged with battery. Negotiated dismissal of charge.

Felony Theft Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor
Represented client charged with felony theft of property. Negotiated plea agreement for dismissal of the felony charge in exchange for guilty plea to misdemeanor failure to appear.

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