Tax attorney and cryptocurrency law expert Tyler DeWitt was quoted in a recent Financial Advisor article detailing the risks of speculative cryptocurrencies.

“While cryptocurrency investing is a hot topic and trend largely due to its decentralized approach to currency, it’s not exempt from the far-reaching power of the IRS,” said Tyler DeWitt, an attorney and CPA in Memphis, Tenn.

Financial Advisor is a monthly magazine that reaches 110,000 financial experts including financial planners, investment advisors and independent broker-dealers. The publication has been ranked first among publications targeting financial advisors, according to Erdos & Morgan’s Financial Advisor Media Usage and Outlook Study (FAMOUS).

Tyler DeWitt is a tax attorney with offices in Memphis, Tennessee, Nashville, Tennessee and Tampa, Florida. He has extensive experience advocating on behalf of clients, including individuals, small businesses, corporations, and estates. He focuses his practice on matters involving both federal and state tax controversy, tax planning, and general civil litigation. In addition to his practice, Tyler is a prolific speaker and regularly contributes his expertise as both an attorney and certified public accountant.

Read the full article at the Financial Advisor website.

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