IRS Audit / Examination

Facing an IRS audit is a terrifying experience for most taxpayers. Knowing that an IRS agent plans to thoroughly review your records and put you on the spot with difficult questions can be overwhelming. Our tax attorneys are experienced in representing both individuals and businesses in IRS audits, including representation in the initial audit process, the administrative appeal process, and challenging audit results in both U.S. Tax Court and U.S. District Court. 

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We are committed to delivering results for our clients. We invite you to review a sample of representative IRS audit matters we have resolved for our clients. All cases are different and the summaries below should not be interpreted as a prediction or guarantee of success or specific results.

  • Field Audit Resulting in No Additional Tax
    Represented self-employed taxpayer operating a multi-million-dollar auto parts retail business in an IRS field audit. Audit resulted in no additional tax. See Image
  • Audit Reconsideration - Reversed Assessment
    Client failed to respond to an IRS audit for tax year 2011 and $93,567 in additional tax ($168,516 with penalties and interest) was assessed. Because Client did not respond to the audit, file a timely appeal with the IRS, or file a Petition in U.S. Tax Court, the IRS took collection action against Client, including levy and garnishment. Client then hired DeWitt Law for representation. An audit reconsideration claim was filed with the IRS and the tax liability (including penalties and interest) was reversed in full. See Image
  • Re-Constructed Expenses
    Represented self-employed contractor in field audit covering a 3-year period. Client had limited records so business mileage, supplies, and contract labor expenses had to be re-constructed. The IRS proposed a six-figure tax assessment in its original audit report. Case was appealed and the IRS reversed virtually all of the proposed assessment, allowing the re-constructed expenses.
  • Audit of Tax Preparer Resulting in No Additional Tax
    Represented tax preparer and owner of tax preparation franchise who was audited by the IRS for compliance with tax preparation due diligence rules. The IRS proposed penalties against Client in the amount of $60,840 for alleged violations. DeWitt Law appealed and the IRS reversed the assessment to $0. 


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