Tax Return Preparer Penalties & Investigations

We represent tax return preparers, tax professionals, and firms facing IRS investigations, expulsion/suspension from the IRS e-file program, and penalties assessed under I.R.C. §§ 6694 and 6695. The IRS has broad authority to assess substantial penalties against preparers, prevent them from e-filing tax returns, seek judicial action (through injunctive relief), and initiate criminal investigations. When facing these issues, it is critical to immediately seek legal counsel to defend your rights.

If you are a tax return preparer or tax professional facing issues related to your role as a preparer, we invite you to request a consultation with a tax attorney who can evaluate your case.


We are committed to delivering results for our clients. We invite you to review a sample of tax cases related to tax return preparers that we have resolved for our clients. All cases are different and the summaries below should not be interpreted as a prediction or guarantee of success or specific results.

  • Taxpayer Re-Instated to IRS E-File Program
    The IRS expelled the Taxpayer from participating in the IRS e-file program. DeWitt Law filed an administrative appeal. A hearing was held and the Taxpayer was re-instated to the IRS e-file program.
  • Proposed "Due Diligence" Penalties Reversed
    The IRS initiated an audit/examination under I.R.C. § 6695(g) for alleged failure to be diligent in determining eligibility for certain refundable credits, including the Earned Income Tax Credit. The IRS proposed assessing a six-figure penalty against the Taxpayer. DeWitt Law filed an appeal and a hearing was held. All penalties were reversed.
  • Tax Preparer Fraud Investigation Closed
    The IRS initiated a civil fraud investigation against the Taxpayer who operated as a small tax preparation company. The investigation ended with no penalty assessment or judicial action for fraud.

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