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We are a law firm that focuses on resolving serious civil and criminal tax issues. We represent taxpayers before the IRS and regularly litigate tax matters in U.S. Tax Court, Federal District Courts, and certain state courts.

We find that many of our clients become overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, and an abundance of conflicting and often incorrect or misleading information available on the internet. When you contact our law firm, your case will be evaluated by a tax attorney licensed to practice before the IRS and the U.S. Tax Court.

We are committed to providing our clients with clear guidance, honest legal counsel, and peace of mind in difficult circumstances. We invite you to call us or contact us online to request a consultation with a tax attorney. 

A Message from our Managing Attorney

Tyler DeWitt

JD, CPA, MBA, MS (Accounting)

On behalf of our team at DeWitt Tax Law, welcome to our website! I hope you find the content on our site helpful. I have come to realize over the years that much of the stress from facing tax issues is caused by the sheer power our government possesses to assess and collect taxes, further compounded by the complexity of our tax code. Contacting a tax lawyer enables you to begin the process of resolving your tax issues and restoring peace of mind.

When you contact our firm, a tax attorney will evaluate your case to determine how we can help. We begin all cases with diligent research and investigation to ensure we advise you of your rights and all available options. We consider our firm to be a “one-stop shop” for virtually all tax issues. We take a holistic approach to resolving tax issues and employ a multidisciplinary team of professionals to support our legal staff, including CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents. Our results speak for themselves as our firm has helped taxpayers save millions of dollars in taxes.

I invite you to contact our firm if you are facing serious tax issues and need help. Regardless of whether you decide to hire DeWitt Law to represent you, I wish you the best in resolving your tax issues.


Our firm is committed to delivering results for our clients. We invite you to review a sample of the representative tax matters we have resolved for our clients.

  • 25 Felony Tax Evasion Charges Dismissed
    Represented taxpayer facing 27 felony (and 1 misdemeanor) tax crimes. 25 felony charges and 1 misdemeanor charge dismissed. Plea agreement and pre-trial diversion granted to Taxpayer resulting in no jail time, supervised probation for 2 years, and no criminal record upon completion of diversion.
  • $5.7 Million Dollar Proposed Tax Reduced to $0
    Represented taxpayer facing a $5.7 million dollar trust fund recovery penalty. Appeal was filed resulting in a $0 assessment. Learn more.
  • $500,000 Proposed Tax Reduced to $0
    Represented taxpayer in U.S. Tax Court in dispute related to gambling losses disallowed by the IRS. Resulted in a complete reversal of the proposed tax.
  • $900,000 Tax Debt Reduced to $60,000
    Represented taxpayer who owed the IRS approximately $900,000. Resulted in a recommended reduction of tax by the IRS of $60,000 through an Offer in Compromise. 
  • IRS Lawsuit to Collect Back Taxes
    Represented taxpayer in U.S. District Court (Middle District of Florida) in IRS lawsuit to collect over $500,000 in federal income tax debt. Resulted in entry of consent judgment. Judgment was satisfied for lump sum payment of $282,016.11.
  • $448,000 Tax Debt Settled for $10,000
    Represented taxpayer who owed the IRS over $448,000. Tax debt was reduced by over 80% through an accepted offer in compromise. Learn more.
  • 30 Felony Tax Evasion Charges Dismissed
    Taxpayer indicted for 31 tax-related felony counts. 30 charges were dismissed and case was resolved through pre-trial diversion with no jail time and expungement of criminal record upon completion of diversion. 
  • IRS Criminal Investigation Closed
    Represented taxpayer investigated by the IRS for possible criminal tax violations. Investigation closed and no criminal charges filed. 
  • Fraudulent Information Return Filings
    Represented Plaintiff in U.S. District Court who filed suit under I.R.C. § 7434 against Defendants for fraudulently filing 1099 information returns with the IRS. Resulted in out-of-court settlement. 
  • Innocent Spouse Relief for $297,000 Tax Liability
    Represented taxpayer in Innocent Spouse claim with the IRS to obtain relief from a $297,000 tax assessment. Relief granted by the IRS.
  • $289,143 Proposed Tax Debt Reduced to $0
    Represented taxpayer facing proposed income tax by the IRS related to the sale of real estate. Resulted in a full reversal. 
  • $163,936 Proposed Tax Debt Reduced to $0
    Represented taxpayer facing IRS audit related to sale of principal residence. Resulted in a full reversal of proposed tax. 
  • $331,000 Tax Debt Settled for $66,000
    Represented taxpayer who owed the IRS $331,000. Tax debt was reduced by 80% through an accepted offer in compromise. Learn more.
  • $179,000 Tax Debt Settled for $3,000
    Represented taxpayer who owed the IRS $179,000. Tax debt was reduced by nearly 99% through an accepted offer in compromise. Learn more.
  • $120,000 Tax Debt Settled for $12,000
    Represented taxpayer who owed over $120,000 to the IRS.  Tax debt was reduced by nearly 90% through an accepted offer in compromise. Learn more.
  • $175,000 Tax Debt Settled for $61,000
    Represented taxpayer who owed the IRS $175,000. Tax debt was reduced by 65% through an accepted offer in compromise. Learn more.
  • Tax Preparer Fraud Investigation Closed
    Represented tax preparer under investigation for preparing fraudulent tax returns. Investigation ended with no penalties charged and no recommendation for audit or criminal investigation. Learn more.
  • Tax Preparer Due Diligence Penalties Reversed
    Represented tax preparation firm before the IRS regarding a proposed penalty assessment for alleged violations of the Earned Income Tax Credit due diligence requirements.  Administrative appeal filed and assessment was fully reversed. Learn more.
  • No-Change Audit
    Represented small business taxpayers in an IRS field audit. The IRS returned an audit report proposing no additional tax. Learn more.
  • Reversal of EFIN Termination
    Represented tax preparation firm before the IRS regarding termination of the taxpayer’s electronic filing privileges. Administrative appeal was filed and the termination was reversed. Learn more.
  • U.S. Tax Court Cases
    • Professional Gambler. Dispute involving disallowed gambling losses and the Taxpayer's status as a professional gamble. Resulted in reversal of six-figure proposed tax assessment.
    • Business Audit. Represented Taxpayer in disputing a proposed assessment related to disallowed business expenses and underreported gross income on Taxpayer's closely-held business. Order reducing proposed assessment and penalty. Learn more.
    • Hobby Case. Order in favor of Taxpayer reducing assessment by over 90%. Learn more.
    • Unreimbursed Partnership Expenses Audit. Dispute involving unreimbursed partnership expenses. Order reducing proposed assessment by nearly 60%. Learn more.
    • Dependent Dispute. Challenged disallowance of dependents claimed by Taxpayer. Order reversing the proposed assessment resulting in no tax owed. Learn more.
    • Mileage Dispute. Audit substantiation dispute related to mileage deduction for courier service with a hybrid vehicle. Order reducing the proposed assessment by 75%. Learn more.
    • Business Audit (Construction Company). IRS audited and proposed $190,000 in tax (including penalties) against Taxpayer who owned a residential and commercial construction company. Challenged the IRS regarding capital gains treatment of “spec homes”, payroll expenses, and penalties. Order reducing the proposed assessment to $86,000 and reversal of all penalties.


Read what our clients say about DeWitt Law:

"When I received a letter from the IRS saying I owed over $5 million dollars in taxes, I went catatonic for several days. I simply could not handle the weight of the issues I was facing. The team at DeWitt Law stepped in and somehow managed to get the IRS to reverse the assessment in full! I highly recommend DeWitt Law for any tax issue you are facing. These guys are the real deal not only at solving tax problems but for guiding you through the process and giving peace of mind." — Matthew

"Thanks to Tyler and everyone we worked with, we are once again FREE to live our lives without the burden of the IRS looming like an executioner over our heads!" — Jeff D.

"Tyler Dewitt is the best at not only winning a case, but guiding you through the process. His confident approach to representing you with the IRS made many nights restful and not sleepless. Thanks again Tyler for the representation." — Billy W.

"Tyler is an excellent attorney that I highly recommend to anyone who is facing issues with the IRS. Tyler has proven to be exceptional in his ability to identify problems and get them resolved. He can take very complicated information and translate it in an easy to understand way. I feel like I know what is going on when I talk with Tyler, which is not always the case with many other attorneys." — C. Emery
"I would express that Tyler DeWitt is as smart, charming, and charismatic as you can imagine an attorney should be. He was very impressive with his strategic methods to resolve the matter in a timely and resourceful manner. Let me say he is my counsel for life and I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal assistance." — C. Mark

"My husband and I owed over $400,000 to the IRS. My husband’s small business got behind on taxes during the great recession. We were terrified and didn’t know what to do. I was recommended to call DeWitt Law and I’m so glad I did! Our tax liability was reduced by over 85% and we were able to gain a clean slate with the IRS. I recommend calling DeWitt Law if you are in serious tax trouble and want expert advice on what your options are." — Anonymous

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