5 Reasons Why Choosing the Right Tax Preparer Matters

Tax filing season is upon us. For the next four months or so, our televisions will be dominated by tax preparation commercials reminding us of the imminent April 15th deadline to submit our tax returns. Peace of mind is important to many taxpayers who might not trust themselves with properly identifying all available deductions and loopholes. That’s why the tax preparation industry brings in billions of dollars every filing season….

What You Need to Know About Resolving IRS Tax Debt

Many American taxpayers face income tax debt with the IRS and are subjected to severe IRS collections efforts, including levies, garnishments, and liens.  Taxpayers facing what may seem like the full force of the federal government breathing down their necks far too often give up on a disputed tax issue or back taxes that they just can’t pay.  With a better understanding of their rights, taxpayers can perhaps find some…